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Srivilliputur famous SriAndal Temple located at Rajapalyam. It has an interesting history. Periyalwar a devotee of Vatapatrasaayee, served the temple, by fashioning garlands out of fresh flowers from the garden which he sustained. Andal his daughter (discovered in the temple garden) was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Andal's named as 'Soodittanda Sudarkkodi'. It is believed that Andal left her mortal body and merged with Ranganathar.

Andal wrote Thiruppaavai, collection of 30 poems. She noted Paavai Nonbu in her poems which sung especially in the month of Margazhi. Srivilliputur annual festivals are celebrated in the months of Aadi and Margazhi and Purattaasi.

The majestic temple tower has 12 tiers and rises up to an awe-inspiring 192 feet. The Tower at the temple entrance gate is the second highest tower in TamilNadu. The temple tower is in fact the tower that the Government of TamilNadu uses as its insignia


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