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 History of Nachiar Andal Thiru Koil
    Srivilliputtur is one of the 108 Vaishnavaite pilgrimage centres. This is also an ancient place where it was said that Sri Andal and Periyalwar were born. Both of them have composed famous poems which is still now sung in all temples nearly.
 Periyalwar Avathar:
    Once Bhagavan commanded a bird Garudan to go in the form of 5th son of Mugundar and advice all people to follow the policies of easy, understanding Saranagadhi.  He was named as Vishnu siddhar and brought up in ancient Gurukulam. Then he got married to a girl and was following all Vaishnavaite policies properly. With the help of Pandyan King he built a temple with all facilities. He gave lectures to  people to follow Saranagad hipolicies and  he dedicated his life to itself. 
 Andal's Avathar:
    By seeing the Vishnusiddhar humbleness, Boomadevi asked God jegannathar she wishes to  join with Vishnu siddhar in his services. He also accepted and thus she was born as Vishnusiddhar's daughter. But the Lord told her that he will wear only the garlands worn by Boomadevi and also told that she will finally reach him. Then later God Jega nnathar and Booma devi will be worshipped in that temple. As said by the lord, Boomadevi was bornas a five year girl child amidst of Tulasi plants at the garden of Vishnusiddhar.By hearing a girl crying, Vishnusiddhar took her and was confused. That night, lord told him to take care of that child as his own child. Thus,that girl was named as Kothai.  Daily, she used to tie up flower garlands to Bhagvan and hand it over to his father. Each time, before giving those garlands to her father,  she used to wear it on her and admire her beauty in the mirror. The same garlands were used to Bhagawan also.
     One day, Alwar saw a hair on the garland and so worriedly he tied up new garland and wore it to Bhagwan. But, that was not accepted by the Lord. The Lord gave dharshan to Alwar and told that he likes only the garlands that was worn by Kothai. So, he asked Alwar to use the old garland itself.Days went off, and after some years, many grooms came to marry her, but she neglected all of them. Her wish was to  marry only the Lord. By hearing this, Alwar got worried about it. One night,  Lord gavegood news that  he will marry his daughter, and asked him to bring Kothai to Thiruvarangam. Thus, both the Lord and Shri Andal got married at Thiruvarangam. 

 Thiruvannamalai :
    This temple is otherwise called as Thenthirupathi. It was said that ThirupathiVenkatachalapathi went hunting and stayed there itself. From that day onward she started giving his Dharshan to people. During Tamil Purattasi month,people come here to worhip in lots. There are many mandapams built for tourists to stay over there. 

 Kattalagar Koil :

This temple is located 9 kms, east of Srivilliputtur over the Mantuga Hills.It has got a main shrine, Artha Mandapam Maha Mandapam and Pragaram. Here Kallagar is in the form of Kattalagar. Here via the Theertha Thotti, water flows always.


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